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This picture was framed and laid on a low table at the front of the church. People were asked to bring a single rose. On arrival they brought their rose to the front of the church and broke it, scattering its petals on the table in order to recognise the sense of wasted life when someone so young has been taken from us.

The service was led by Dave & Dot Littlewood, Donna's friends and former pastors from her church in Hull. There was a great kids party in the church hall at the same time.

Click on the right to see the order of service.

Everybody also got a card with Donna's favourite quote on it. Click on this sentence to see it. I'd love to send you one if you email me.

Andrew Spurr, her Rector in Stansted, had prepared a short visual history of Donna's life that was projected over the track 'One' by U2.

Here is a (very) mini version for you to see by clicking on the pic. click on the slide show words for a better version with music - it's in flash so might take a few minutes to download or stream if you've got broadband.

The slides are beautiful and hard to watch if you loved Donna.

Here is another page of all the images that you can browse and see bigger.

the slide show ( in flash)

mini slide show


A number of people offered tributes to Donna, telling of their memories of her and the legacy of their relationships with her.

Some are here for you to look at.

Andrew's talk at the funeral

Charlotte's tribute

Dave's tribute

John's thoughts

Lyn's writing in the local news paper

Andy's talk

Dot announced that there would be an offering to Water Aid after the service. See the logic of this on the right in a paraphrase of Donna's own words.

Around £2,500 was given - enough to install a new well in a village.

Visitors also wrote their tributes in a book after the service. If you would like to add to this book please write to Andy. It is principally for Cara and I would love to have as many entries in it as possible.


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True to form there was a party at the end - people stayed in the church for another 2 hours. Many had travelled long distances by plane to be there.

The service was a powerful occasion - over too quickly for me as it was wonderful to know that so many were standing in solidarity with me. I had a sense of my grief being validated. I feel like the world has stopped, and for a short time for a number of people, it did. Thanks.

Donna Memorial

On Saturday 6th March we committed Donna's ashes to a grave in Edinburgh. I have posted up a piece that was read on the occasion on a page here

Donna's committal poem

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