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Belief Test Again!!

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Test Your Belief System

the Verdict!!

You are a nutter of immense faith.

You actually believed that I had the capacity to automate a test on my web site!

There's no way I'm that clever. And therefore I'm not entirely trustable uh? But you put your faith in me. All those questions, so much brainache and where did it get you??

This makes you entirely appropriate fodder for our sect. Aha yes, all along we were the subjugated minions seduced by the quick fix alternative of the Nine O'Clock Service and the hypnotic charisma of the Rev Chris

To be honest, I can't remember why I put this test together. It was originally 2 tests and we used it as part of our Education Nights, which aimed to help people get into some of the thinking behind their faith.

.Now you are left to adapt it to your own purpose. What are the different levels of belief we apply in life and where does religious faith feature in that?? Come on, think you lazy bastard...

and finally - a quote I like...

'The kingdom of God is a party for a bunch of people with whom we wouldn't be

caught dead spending Saturday night...had we not also been invited.'

(Stanley Hauerwas)

find out the truth about your faith...


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