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I've made 3 albums in the last 10 years and did a lot of wannabee recording before that. My albums are sold on iTunes and CDBaby. You can buy them on line and hear a snatch.

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The One That Got Away...

In 1998 I made demos for an 'album' for Chrysalis - my then publishing company, but they didn't reckon it was worth the punt. So I ended up in a long huff that stopped me writing until the Late Late started up.

I had a little studio with an 8 track, and did all the parts (played or programmed) hence the overexcited drumming and slight lack of groove in the bass end. The spirit of the 80s are in it anyway.

Well I know you're desperate to hear it of course... so here's some MP3s to have a listen to.

John's Last Chance - a rock swing thing about a guy losing his former glamour in a kind of Blackpool dance hall way

Dumbstruck - I think I was doing a Prefab Sprout but didn't have the voice. The second verse is really sweet. All about failing to get the bird 'cos you can't speak for being, well, dumbstruck

Walls and Windows - the least derivative, most 'me' offering. Written for Rhona who was working the Walls and Windows department of Habitat at the time. I love the piano voicings.

Soul of Indecision - an attempt to be political... hmmm. About the old school boys running the nation. Not quite enough bite in it, possibly the happy bell sounds?

Steeples and Wedding Bells - a sweetie song for Doug and Rachel getting married. Now look... 3 kids and a mansion in Scotland... Features a rare glimpse of my slightly nasal sax playing. My A&R man dismissed it saying "You can't really picture people walking around the streets singing about steeples and wedding bells can you??" Dammit he was right!

You Don't Know What You Don't Know - an old song I re-recorded a few years ago on my new computer-based studio to try out the kit and to see if the arrangement could have been as good as it sounded in my head 15 years previously! Anyone remember the First Picture of You by The Lotus Eaters? If you do you deserve a music nerd medal, and who better to give you one than myself... (PS bought the album recently on CD... now that's what I call nerdy....)