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I've been involved in writing contemporary creative worship music some of which has found its way to public use. Click on the pic here to get to music I've contributed to at the Late Late service

These pages will contain some of those tunes plus components for using them, e.g. mpegs & midi files form the rhythms we used at the Greenbelt 2001 morning services (as well as the words) in case you want to put together a big percussion thing like we were doing there. Click the GB 2001 link.

More recently some of my stuff has been used on albums by Proost, which I really recommend. All really nicely performed and arranged, and the last one is the most listenable alternative worship album I've heard. Click the pic here to get to their site. It's also got he book that Jonny Baker and Doug Gay recently put together which is a great summary of the history of alternative worship.

In 2004 I was part of a smal group that put together the worship service for Greenbelt on the Sunday morning. It was an ambitious attempt to do something new for 18,000 people, 2 drum kits and a bass guitar. It went down, errrr, medium well. The album from it might be available at Sticky, though I don't think they're telling you that!

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