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These were written during the time of the Late Late Service and some finished at a later time.

They are mostly designed to be read in public gatherings, with some repetitive pattern music behind them. They are designed lead people into a creative place where they are at home with God occupying their thoughts, illuminating the free-fall journey of the imagination.

They end in a long period of silence / music. If you do them in public you need to bring people into and back out of the meditation. There is some guidance for this in the Quiet Service Handbook.

You might find them helpful to read here though. Please try and read them slowly and let your mind be led forward by them. They will only work if you can trust me enough and not critique the ideas behind them as you go along.

Darkness in Me - looks at our hidden no-go areas

I am Out in Space is the original of a meditation on seeing the world from space, used in several forms but is available on the Proost Labyrinth CD

click on the image for the Labyrinth CD site>>>

My Body is a journey of reverence for our createdness

Out of Control celebrates the risk of being out of control in love

Progress is a more wordy reflection on the meaning of globalisation and spirituality


Here are some loops that you could use for meditations. Loops are short bits of music or rhythm you can play round and round (it might say loop or continuous play on your machine or computer) and are kind of trancy in order to keep the mind stable. Click to download.

Slow Guitar Loop

Sine Loop

Dream Pad Loop

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