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The Parable of the Talents takes apart the traditional view that it's all about God wanting us to do our best and then getting rewarded for it. It's much more undermining and revolutionary than that... a sermon script form St John's.

The Soul Mirror some thoughts on knowing our truth and God's truth in order to be free

The Art of God - on understanding the breadth of being human and the way God as artist appeals to the artist in me (from a Greenbelt talk in '97)

Notes to self - stuff I jotted down in my pda over the last year and have decided it's worth posting - only for you if you relate to much of my other writing as it's story behind the story stuff, and if you relate to what I write I think it will be because we share some similarities... you'll see what I mean... it's also left in the language I use to myself, do what you want with it.

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