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The Late Late Service is an experimental Christian Community in Glasgow. In the 90s I was involved in setting it up and having a wonderful time meeting and learning to worship with a great bunch of folk. We achieved some acclaim for the creating visuals, writing music and words and setting them in an original format using references from all aspects of Christian worship over the last 2 centuries.

Many of our recordings are still available through Sitcky Music. Click this album cover here to get a look at them.

Before I go on - here's a great belief test I developed while at the Late Late. We used to use it to ensure we only had proper believers in the the sect group. Because we were dodgy in so many ways, we had to make sure all members were equally dodgy. Click the link here and find an instant verdict on your own belief. Would you have got in?

Late Late Resources

This was a guide to creating our meditative service that I put together. It shows the thinking behind the service, the frameworks, ideas and structure then some examples of meditations. It's a word file (right click on it to save it).

Here's the kind of warm up 'rants' that we used to take pep from standing around the edge to getting involved in a worship track at the start of the service. This one was used at Impact festival, where people hadn't come across us before.


In 1995 we attempted a common communion liturgy so that we got used to the same form of words. It didn't really work as people loved making up their own, but they went something like this anyway.

Communion Liturgy

We also produced a booklet of 'Words from the Late Late Service'. I'm not sure if anyone's selling it any more. I'll stick it here for now and check that out.

Words From the Late Late Service