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How cool am I having my own pages!

Click on this cool pic of me and you can see a gallery of pics of me from since before I was born and then getting older.

Click that link on the left to look at my family tree! Daddy says I can't climb it cos I'm too small. Anyway, they're all boring and old in that tree, except grandad who's great fun... and, well, old.

Check out my intellijunce pages!

Keep up with my latest vocabulary so you understand the lingo when we meet. Click on the pic of me looking intellijunt here.

This annal has now been closed - coming soon - Dad's fave stories about me..

Here's my first video

Want to hear my rendition of going on a bear hunt?

Got Broadband cos it's 11 meg but oh so cute - click the pic >>

My Emerging Artistic Talent

Please click this rather happy image of my most recent self to see a show of my sacred art. I trust that you will be inspired although I'd better warn you that I have quite intense devotional tendencies.

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