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Donna Ferrigan / Thornton was born in Edinburgh in 1974 and died in 2003. She was my wife for less than 2 years. She gave me our daughter Cara and she gave the world a wonderful presence and warmth that was matched only by her extraordinary insight into the workings of the human heart. This section is my tribute to her which you are welcome to add to if you come here as a friend of hers.

This section contains pics of Donna's early years - her family and first friends. It goes on to have stuff about her wild and happy teenage years, some of which I really shouldn't print, and lots of shots of her looking dolly.

Donna Memorial

here are some shots from her time in Hull where she studied to be a nurse and became a committed Christian... features some quite frankly bad-taste dressing but lovely people.

Here Donna arrives in London - with a short trip home to look after her dying Nana, then comes back to get involved with a dodgy older guy (that's me) who surprisingly becomes her soul-mate.

And this is all the slushy stuff where we get married and have a baby. We move to exotic Stansted which becomes a lovely place to have a horrible disease.

Here is a section relating to Donna's memorial service. What was said about her and why we will all love and miss her forever.

On Saturday 6th March we committed Donna's ashes to a grave in Edinburgh. I have posted up a piece that was read on the occasion on a page here

Donna's committal poem

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