"What is REAL asked the rabbit"

Donna lived REAL & encouraged reality, she hated pretence, unreality and falseness.

I loved it when she said it as it was, especially when it was in your defence, whenever you told her how someone had hurt you, either in action or deed, she would respond instantly, her loyalty and faithfulness, her support and unashamed partiality leading the way.

They did what !? ……The bounder (or words to that effect!)

Oh so you knew Donna then! OK it went more like, "The ….... stupid…….. arrogant ……. ….. .. Cow!"

Then she would look across at me and say, "Sorry Dave"- pausing dramatically before continuing the protest with, but "she/he is a ……… cow!"

She was right - she was just saying it as it was - saying what needed to be said. Well saying what you needed to hear!

I sadly often failed her in this area, feeling I had to encourage, protect her heart, help her think the best. Failing to give her what she needed, failing to say what she needed to hear.

But Donna was committed to my reality, she seemed to have made it one of her missions in life to teach me to swear (usually by her actions.)

However even this wasn't good enough for Donna, Oh no - she would complain that my expletives weren't convincing - they somehow lacked conviction! So I would have to watch that great Scottish freedom fighter Mel Gibson to learn about passion.

In fact Donna was always trying to educate me through films, there was always a new one we had to watch so that we would understand the reality of the situation - Brave heart Train-spotting American Beauty 8 Mile etc

After each film she would quiz me about what I had learned or perceived. Had I found the hidden message of "Truth, Freedom, Reality?" But that was the great thing about Donna - she was always looking for the truth, freedom and reality in every situation and in every individual - THE JESUS BIT

Me I just liked the film!


Donna was a friend and ally to my entire family, in fact she became very much part of my family as she did for many others. But again that was the great thing about Donna. She could join with and become part of your family without ever losing sight of her own.

One day she walked into my house, opened the fridge door, opened our hearts and made herself at home.

Latterly though she acquired expensive tastes. I blame Andy - at one time red wine was sufficient then suddenly she only drank Champagne.

She would take one look at my wine rack and the bottle of "vintage Bulgarian Claret" and promptly announce she was off to Sainsburys!


Donna had a way of coming to your house and making you feel at home.

Scripture refers to those who have a "gift of hospitality," Donna was the embodiment of this gift, location was unimportant - your house or hers - her hospitality always dominated.

Why? Because her hospitality came from an open and genuine heart.

She had the ability to welcome you into her space, and envelop you in a duvet of love and acceptance, which always left you warm, safe and secure.

I will miss you Donna.


Oh and one last thing……… Donna you were right "she is a cow!"


Dave Littlewood