About 3 weeks before Donna died she was daydreaming.

She turned to Andy and said, “Do you know what I’m doing?”  


“I’m on Good Morning Television and they’re asking me in the light of my illness if I think people should give more to Cancer Research and then others might not suffer like me.”

“And I’m saying ‘No, that’s not the biggest problem.  The biggest problem is that we’ve lost perspective on the real levels of human suffering, so we think when we suffer it’s the end of the world.  We’ve become disconnected from fellow human beings.  Most of the human race struggle for their daily existence and we are protected from that.  A large percentage can’t even rely on clean water.  Perhaps if we were more connected to them we’d be valuing life differently every day of our lives and however long we lived we’d live for quality not quantity.  Then I’d tell them to send the money to a charity that helps give clean water, and find our more about what the world’s really like and live life in perspective”.

She never got to be on GMTV, but that’s why today’s donations are going to Water Aid.  

At the back of the church is a collection bowl, and with it there’s a form you can fill in to make sure that when we give it to Water Aid we can claim the Gift Aid tax back on your donation.  As well as enjoying some of the food and booze that Donna was so keen that we had in her memory, please fill one of those in if you choose to remember Donna by joining in with this communal donation.  Thanks.