This is not all you have become

A shoebox casket of ash

In raw earth.

Donna who brightened the world with light and laughter

Who broke down walls of pretence

And rebuilt broken humble hearts

You are not this trace of human remains

This symbol of life reduced to its smallest fragment


You are now flesh of our flesh

Bone of our bone

Spirit of our spirit.

Great woman

You cannot rest in this dead earth -

You who looked for the deepest reality

Are deeper and more alive than any grave

Or memorial stone

More vibrant than the grass that grows

Over your last remains.

For all that we must place you somewhere

And commit you to this grave

We welcome your memory to become

Part of who we will be forever.

When our courage is weak

And our resolve tempts us to take the easy option

We will still look to you

And we will find you burning in our hearts

And your inspiration will be our inspiration

And we will dare to live life to the full.

When we lose strength to reach for God

And the goodness in life

We will remember you

Facing the ultimate challenge of death

But still giving to others

Walking hand in hand with your God

And being thankful, ever thankful

For goodness.

And we will find goodness and thankfulness because of you.

When we are tempted to settle for being

Lesser people than we could be

We will remember that you taught us

To welcome our greatness

To have no heed for second best

But to know that God intends us to be as Gods

In our beauty, truth, love and compassion.

But still, here we leave your remains

As a place of remembering - a touchstone

For our great friend, daughter, sister, wife, mother.

You have gone before us in so many ways

Go now and live forever with God

And live forever with us -

Unbounded by this

Short-lived body

We keep you alive

As we lay you to rest.

Alive with Christ

Your great inspiration

We honour you and Him

For the great gift of your life

This day and forever.


Andy T