Donna in London
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Donna moved to London to work

at Mildmay Mission hospital.

This specialises in working with

people affected by AIDS.

She moved on to working at the

Royal Free hospital and then to

The Globe Centre where she was

an adherence specialist nurse.

Here's a few shots of our first

holiday in Greece.  Before that

she went to Kansas to meet her

genetic Mum and half brother and

sister, Lawrence and Meghan

who are still there.

Just before and after we got

married we looked after her

nieces Skye and Summer, who

are now in Edinburgh with Katie.

I'll add some more shots as time

goes on (i.e. when I find them)


post facial donna
donna sails the yacht
chocolate cake wins
Half-sister Meghan in Kansas
Shaun, Iris, Donna and Rose
donna & kids in bed