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Dream Pad Loop

I am out in space

I am out in space

Floating on a lifeline to a space-station

Safe, but on my own - Drifting

In the endless emptiness

In the complete silence of space.

I am safe,

I am warm,

I am apart,

And I am looking out at this endless universe.

My breathing is the only sound in my ears.

For the first time in my life

I am in my own space… no obligations, no relationships or deadlines…

Looking down on the world.

Behind me is the deep blackness that cradles infinite sparkling stars

And in front of me there is the huge, blue, gleaming jewel of planet earth.

In front of me is everything I know and love.

Everyone I ever met or heard about

Everywhere I ever went

Everything I ever smelt, tasted or touched

Is in front of me.

I am breathless with awe

It is too wonderful

A giant ecosystem dying and reliving all the time.

Turning over the energy of a distant sun,

Making leaves, plants, foods, animals, bio-systems, waves, wind, frozenness and desert, crashing noise and breathless peace.

If I could, I would extend my arms and wrap them around this priceless treasure.

Claim it for my own.

From here, it is everything that ever mattered to me.

Its soil is worth more than Gold…

Its fresh air more than any passing pleasure…

Its clear seas more than diamonds.

I am out in space

Looking down at he countries of the earth.

From here they do not look like a map.

They have no lines for borders, or different colours for territory.

No indicators of poverty or wealth.

No sense of animosity, hatred, conflict.

Just the merging colours of nature ghosted by bright white clouds, quilting the brilliant blue sea.

I will stay here and remember the things I love on this planet. Treasure their value.

I will watch my life and relationships from a distance.

I will ask to be shown my place in the great scheme of things.

To understand my nation,

my colour,

my faith,

my wealth,

my future…

In the light of this big,




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