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In case you were wondering - this is Eugenie Harvey and she is my wife! We were married in Australia in April 2007. What more can I say right now except I'm a very happy man for it! Click on that pic and see our wedding shots why don't you??

Much of this web site is dedicated to Cara's mum, my late wife, Donna. It contains images of her life and our time together and a section on her memorial service with some very beautiful tributes to his amazing and much missed woman.

You can get to her section by the shortcut above or click on the picture.

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get some visual dirt from my past on my music pages - what was he thinking? could we have stopped him? and does he still think it?

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Also features some brand new unreleased old music from 1988 on MP3 on the albums page

Bands of Time

This old gent is Cara's Great Great Grandad. I've just seen him for the first time! He made boots and shoes - which explains why my Grandad was obsessed with them.

The family of Cara Grace Thornton

Click on this fine shot to see her family tree and find out more about his parents and grandparents, would you believe.

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Find out more about Eugenie by googling her - she's all over the place in connection with We Are What We Do...

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Now a distant memory!

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Have stopped gigging for the foreseeable future.

Still recording.

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